Pre-alpha Release and Developers Forum

Our first step in creating an Social Augmented Reality app is to share it with people close to us (friends and family). While we would like to share this with the whole world, we are reserving this right to a small group of people first to make sure that our servers and network is stable and scalable enough for potential growth. Furthermore, we would like to prosper together with our close friends as development progresses and grows into a more commercial setting. Therefore, we would like to invite you to join our pre-alpha product launching of our flovo app at LT1, KICT, IIUM this Monday(14/11) from 5pm to 7pm.

If you are interested, please state your interest to join us during this event by clicking the image below and confirm your participation in this event.


Please like us on facebook. We appreciate and would like to say thank you for your support.

A little bit on what we will be doing in this forum. In this forum, we would like to share with you our journey, technical issues, our hopes and our dreams. In particular, we would like to share our mistakes and what to do and not to do when getting into a startup.

This forum will also give us a chance for us to get feedback from our friends and what they think about our product. We understand that building a product is a process, and it requires us to gaze back, look at all stones unturned, and reflect on each and every milestone of our journey.

In this forum, we are looking for potential 3D graphics content developers. Content developers will learn how to create 3D graphics and integrate it with flovo. Create community and commercial content for altruistic or self-generating income for developers.

Aside from content developers, we are looking for web and mobile apps developers who are interested in building apps and integrating with our flovo. For now our product is at its infancy stages, but we would like to discuss ways we can provide APIs to interact with other apps as it grows towards maturity.

We are also interested in meeting researchers. Particularly, we understand our project is hindered due to today’s technology limitations and competitive market environment. We believe there are ways to improve flovo and make it into a strong product with more research. We are willing to share our data with researchers in academic institutions for the sake of academic, research and development. We are looking into research to solve real problems and challenges in building our app, particularly in areas of HCI, GPS localizations, image processing, artificial intelligence, big data, social networks growth and entrepreneurship. In this forum, we will be discussing all these challenges and hope researchers will take this challenge to work with us.

Hello Worlds!

Hello Worlds…..

This blog entry is our first entry in our journey in creating an App that we hope would help enrich the physical world we live in, by augmenting our reality into several different sets of augmented reality (AR). Our goals is to allow the community to create and place 2d OR 3d objects that exist as a virtual object in reality with the help of our Augmented Reality (AR) application called Flovo. Flovo will then allow you to share your reality with others, enriching reality and augmenting the physical space we see into a whole new world of possibilities. You are able to unleash several sets of realities of your creation. For example, one reality would be a world full of historical facts and informative display for of each object you see outdoors, and another reality would be a world full of virtual objects to mark treasures within an objects or space. So when you imagine telling someone, “X marks the spot”, you can literally have a X on top of a spot in reality. There is no limit in what you can imagine. Whatever you imagine can exist and will exist. You can be part of a whole new world, help design it, and add visual content that will enrich whoever is viewing or experiencing your world. In short, we are allowing you to realise your imagination and bringing what world you’ve created in your mind to life so that you can share your wonderful experience of what you see everyday.

We are doing this mainly because our reality is just not big enough for your imagination. But why keep it to yourself, let’s share what is in your head with the rest of the world. Let’s explore each other’s world.

Hello Worlds. Welcome to our journey…and be ready to explore a whole new experience of the many Worlds we can create together.