Flovo Content Creators

Lets be honest here, It is impossible for us to know exactly what you want. This is especially true with Flovo, where each user can have their own augmented reality.


So we devised a clever strategy that could overcome this problem by utilizing the collective wisdom of mankind – You guys. Essentially, we are tapping the power of the crowd, and why not? After all, this is a revolution, and a revolution starts with individuals like yourself working together for the greater good. Our strategy is to create a platform where you can create, publish and sell your own 3D model to be used by other users.  With this platform, users can browse (potentially) thousands of 3D model created by third party artist. You can show off your creative skills and help create a new world, while at the same time, take some profit for yourself.

Of course, it might not be at all for gold and glory. With the innate altruistic nature of most mankind, a crowd can start on projects for the common good. A community effort to create 3D models for the pursuit of collective knowledge, welfare initiatives or social responsibility. Individuals or groups of people with benevolent motives gather to make a change in the way we look at the world today for a better tomorrow. An effort guided by morality and faith, belief and religion.

To be clear, the platform is not ready yet. We are only disclosing our plan for now. Think of it as a sneak peek for what is to come. We want to be transparent on our goals and grow together with you. Today however, we have added support for adding your own 3D model. Currently the process is not straightforward and potentially unstable, but it is possible. For more information, check out the wiki page detailing on the process involved.